'Future continuous' kipi iki unsurdan oluşur:
'to be' fiilinin 'simple future' hali + durum ortacı (kök + ing)

Özne 'to be' fiilinin 'simple future' hali durum ortacı
You will be watching
I will be staying
To stay, 'future CONTINUOUS'
Olumlu Olumsuz Soru Cümlesi Olumsuz Soru Cümlesi
I will be staying. I won't be staying. Will I be staying? Won't I be staying?
You will be staying. You won't be staying. Will you be staying? Won't you be staying?
He will be staying. He won't be staying. Will he be staying? Won't he be staying?
She will be staying. She won't be staying. Will she be staying? Won't she be staying?
It will be staying. It won't be staying. Will it be staying? Won't it be staying?
We will be staying. We won't be staying. Will we be staying? Won't we be staying?
They will be staying. They won't be staying. Will they be staying? Won't they be staying?


'Future continuous' kipi şu andan sonraki bir zamanda devam etmekte olacak tamamlanmamış bir eylem veya olayı belirtir. 'Future continuous' kipi oldukça farklı sayıda amaç için kullanılır.

'Future continuous' kipi kendimizi gelecekte canlandırmak için kullanılabilir.

  • This time next week I will be sun-bathing in Bali.
  • By Christmas I will be skiing like a pro.
  • Just think, next Monday you will be working in your new job.

'Future continuous' kipi gelecekteki olaylar ile ilgili tahminde bulunmak için kullanılabilir.

  • He'll be coming to the meeting, I expect.
  • I guess you'll be feeling thirsty after working in the sun.
  • You'll be missing the sunshine once you're back in England.

Soru soran biçimde, 'future continuous' kipi gelecek ile ilgili bilgiler hakkında kibarca soru sormak için kullanılabilir.

  • Will you be bringing your friend to the pub tonight?
  • Will Jim be coming with us?
  • Will she be going to the party tonight?
  • Will I be sleeping in this room?

'Future continuous' kipi gelecekte devam edeceğini beklediğimiz devamlı olayları belirtmek için kullanılabilir.

  • I'll be seeing Jim at the conference next week.
  • When he is in Australia he will be staying with friends.
  • I'll be eating with Jane this evening so I can tell her.

Still ile birleştirildiğinde, 'future continuous' kipi şu anda zaten gerçekleşen ve gelecekte bir süre daha gerçekleşmeye devam etmesini beklediğimiz olayları belirtmek için kullanılır.

  • In an hour I'll still be ironing my clothes.
  • Tomorrow he'll still be suffering from his cold.
  • Next year will she still be wearing a size six?
  • Won't stock prices still be falling in the morning?
  • Unfortunately, sea levels will still be rising in 20 years.